About Us

International Engineering and Construction Company Ltd. (IECC) is a multi-disciplinary organization providing Dredging Solutions, Civil Engineering, pre-construction services and Machineries, equipment & construction materials supply services for the building and construction industry and other industries.

IECC was founded and is managed by a team of highly experienced and skilled peoples, with in-depth expertise in our core services. The Management Team also has wide ranging experience in public sector projects, private sector projects and other areas.

IECC’s vision is to be a leader in providing Dredging Works, Pre-construction services, site preparation works and supply of Machineries, equipment & construction materials. This company has already been recognized as a top rated supplier for its best quality Machineries & material supply, commitment and time-sense.

IECC has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and development of capabilities, to ensure that we deliver the best quality in our services. The Management Team adopts a “hands on” approach to ensure that all projects are executed safely, professionally and efficiently, to surpass the ever increasing demands of complex projects of today.